Composite Games Crusade Campaign

Hi Guys,

We just wanted to share a bit of news about our 40k Crusade campaign that we are looking to start once the restrictions are lifted.

The story will centre around a warp storm within the Imperium Nihilus that has recently and inexplicably receded and revealed a long hidden world.

The world designated as "Elysium" by the administratium appears to have been consumed by the warp storm in the closing moments of the Horus Heresy and was recorded as a garden world. A world that had been marked for colonisation during the great crusade.

The world was recorded as been bountiful in exotic material and has been declared as strategic absolute, however not only the Imperium desire this prize.

The campaign is planned to start later this year and we will be doing regular updates via our site and social media channels with players able to submit their results directly to us and using a set of pre determined rolls after each battle to see how their armies fair in the campaign.

We will have more news for you soon and of course there will be loot to win.

But for now here's a quick look at how the battles will be recorded for everyone to see.

Well have more news soon

Take Care