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Custom army bundles

This deal is best for people who are just starting a new army, or are interested in bulking up their existing one. If you contact us either through our chat system or through email, we can create you a bespoke listing for the army you're interested in!.

How it works

We base the percentage off on how many items you want to purchase. For example, if you're buying over £500 RRP cost then we can offer you up to 28% off. Any bundles that are under that threshold will be offered between 20-27% off depending on the number of units ordered. 
We can also offer advise on which unit's to buy if you're new to the hobby and need some help building your army, or even deciding which army to start, our chat system is available or you could even call the store phone if you'd prefer.

Terms and conditions

Due to us being able to offer customers the largest discount possible, personalised orders such as custom army bundles will be exempt from monetary refund's, this is due to having to order stock specifically for individuals using the store's cash flow. Any order not shipped will be able to have a store credit refund although depending on the status of the order, a £30 Admin fee may be applicable.
Size of discount given depends on items requested, any item classed as an online exclusive is capped at a maximum 10% discount due to these being ordered separately to the trade stock. 

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