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Composite Games and Games Workshop update

Hi Guys,

I hope you are all well.

As we are nearing a competition date on the lease of our store I wanted to give you all a state of play update along with a few other announcements.

So firstly the current state of Composite Games.

The Current State of Composite Games

When the pandemic hit we were put into a very difficult situation, as a fledgling retailer we were not eligible for a lot of the financial aid that the government was offering and a decision had to be made about the fate of Composite Games and our projects.

As the retail industry had closed for the most part I decided to adapt our business model.

Firstly we focused on our online retail premise and revamped and redeveloped our inhouse website.

Secondly we reduced our headcount (temporally)

And finally I took a role within another major retailer to grant us access to the money that would be required to keep our supply chain running.

With the UK restrictions finally beginning to lift we are finally in a position where I can allow Composite Games to grow.

Currently, along with the 40hr a week commitment I have to the other retailer. I am also solely running orders and shipping for Composite Games, which is effecting our effectiveness for our customers.

Therefore I am pleased to announce that the below actions will be taking place shortly.

Firstly, our bricks and mortar shop is planned to reopen in June. The store will include gaming tables and a space for light refreshments.

The store will be run by myself and supported by a manager, two full time staff and two apprentices.

This will allow us to better service our instore and online customers orders and help alleviate the delays that some of our customers have been experiencing.

Its going to take a few weeks to get everything running right but we are looking forward to greeting people in our shop and growing our loyal customer community.

Games Workshop Issues

As some of you may be aware Games Workshop is struggling with their warehouse at the moment.

Subsequently they have advised that there will be no new releases for the coming week while they get their logistics up to speed.

There is a lot of bad press with Games Workshop at the moment, which is mostly centred on their handling of the release of the Warhammer Quest: Cursed City.

I'll keep you updated on this as we get more news.

And now for something completely different

So until this point the news I have has been pretty sombre so I wanted to wrap up the blog with some news about some of the exciting items we have coming.

Firstly, we recently started producing our own 3D printed miniatures.

After taking some time to get used to it we have finally manager to print our first miniature who we are calling the Count

We had a lot of fun painting him and under our Merchant license with Cast n Play we will making prints available for purchase on our site.

You can view a selection of the miniatures they have designed here.

Its my plan to purchase additional printers in time as time goes on and we have a wide range of items that will be made available.

If you are interested in this specific print or would like to know more then please let us know and we will contact you as soon as the listings go live.

Geek Sheek

In addition to the 3D printed items we are also pleased to announce that we will be hosting the custom shoes and bags from Geek Sheek on our website as we begin to grow the range if clothing items and accessories that we have available.

Each set of shoes is created by hand, with an expected production time of 10 days.

There are some awesome designs and we are looking at making these listings live shortly.

Loot Crates

Yesterday we took part in the unboxing of our first Loot Box which was opened by one our affiliates Mashasy on her Twitch channel.

The loots crates will include a range of items that we sell, including Warhammer miniatures, books, music, clothing and other merchandise.

We will be looking at making them available as we open the new store.

As an added bonus existing Platinum Subscribers at the launch of the Loot boxes will receive a Loot Box for free.

And don't forget to drop Mashasy on her Twitch page at

And finally, some Frosthaven news

We wanted to wrap this blog up with an update about the upcoming release of Frosthaven.

We have had confirmation of our order for our 5 copies.

We are just waiting to hear when it will become available and if you would like reserve a copy we will be retailing them for £124.99

And don't forget subscribers will be able to use their discount on these purchases.

I wanted to wrap things up with a thank you for everyone that has stuck with us over the last year and the patience you have shown us while we get ourselves back up to speed.

We will keep you all updated on things as they happen along with our stores grand opening.

But in the meantime take care and we will speak to you all soon.

Kind Regards



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