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Composite Games / Northern Exile Giveaway

Hi Guys,

It's Craig here and I just wanted to let you know about our latest giveaway.

This draw is our first collaboration between Composite Games and our affiliate Northern Exile and is intended to be our biggest prize draw to date.

Firstly, we will be opening the draw to everyone, not just UK based customers. As the cost of logistics and shipping can be difficult we have arranged for all of the shipping of the prizes to be handled directly by Forward2me at the cost of Composite Games so it doesn't matter if you live in the UK or New Zealand you will get your prize.

Secondly, the purpose of this draw is to help us raise some money to move into a new store location which will allow us start diversifying the games we sell and in store events that we are planning to introduce.

Finally, the more support the campaign gets over the next 2 weeks the larger the prize draw will be so the more entries we get the bigger prize fund.

So if you're looking for a local game store to support then please have a look at our campaign and throw in an entry you never know we may be sending you a new Warhammer army or a full collection of D&D books and dice.

We're planning some other cool events and activities to help with our fund raising as well as a reveal of the new store shortly.

But thanks, as always for supporting us through all of the issues we have had with the Games Workshop delays and cost of living crisis we appreciate every single one you.

We'll have some more news soon.

Take care



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