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Compeition Winner and Store Update

Hi Guys,

I hope you all had a good weekend.

A few weeks ago we announced that we were running a competition, where people could submit a space marine chapter of their own design in order to win a troops choice and a space marine upgrade pack of their choice.

We'll we have sat down and looked at the entries and we have decided that the winner of this competition is Dylan for his awesome Talons of the Hydra chapter.

The team particularly liked the fact that the Hydra symbol mimics the Ultramarine symbol to link back to their founder.

Congratulations Dylan well be in touch to arrange your prize.

Composite Games Store update.

We also mentioned recently that we are in the process of arranging an independent store of Composite Games.

Our short term goal is to create a selling hub in our local area of Doncaster.

However our long term goal is to create a geek hub for players of games and pop culture to congregate, play games and more importantly enjoy themselves.

This led us to make an enquiry about becoming a franchise owner in a prominent geek store chain and after a 900 mile round trip last week we have received confirmation that our application has passed the first stage.

We will keep you up to date with how things are progressing as this will be an exciting time for us and the members of our community.

We'll have some more news for you shortly.

Stay safe



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