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Combat Patrol Tournament

Hey everybody, with the new store means much more space! Which now means we are able to start running our own events and tournament's instore. The first of these events being a combat patrol tournament on Saturday the 9th of December. This event is not just for seasoned players its also a perfect chance to jump in and play 40k if you have never played but want to try it or your thinking of coming back to the hobby. if you do not have a combat patrol but would like to join in we have the ability to offer 5 armies for use on the day, including space marines, Tyranids, Astra millitarum, Necrons and Deathguard.

There are 12 tickets remaining for the event which are £10 each and can be found on our website. Click the image to be taken straight to the ticket page. First place wins a combat patrol of there choice while 2nd and 3rd will receive store credit. The even starts at 12pm on the 9th so please aim to be at the store by 11:30-11:45am. there are 2 large low cost carparks within 2 minute walk of the new store. The address is 24A hall gate Doncaster DN1 3NG. Here are the carparks near our store. They are both accessed via east Laith gate.

The games are played on a 44x30 game mat so they are small skirmish games. Aimed at control objectives and completing secondary missions. you can score a maximum of 15VP per turn from objectives as well as extra VP for completing secondary missions. each game will give you a score which will be added up at the end and put into ranks to see who's first, second and third. The score from each game will also determine who you play next.

To the Winner comes the spoils of war. There is certainly plenty to choose from for the winner with a plethora of combat patrols! the perfect start to a new army or bolstering a current army with new units. If you need a combat patrol we have a fair few in stock in store or purchase through our site.

As we grow and get more people in we will start advertising larger games for tournaments moving up to a 1000 point tournament in the new year. so keep an eye out for posts about this. You can also join our discord server and get chatting with us about anything hobby related or gaming advice. Show us what you are working on.

Tournament Results.

A couple of us went to a 40k tournament yesterday with a couple of people never being to one before it was a good day. I managed to snag a 2/3 wins and finished 12th out of 24 with tyranids. We are hoping to be able to run similar events in our new store in the future to draw more people into playing table top games.

Late night gaming

We are currently looking at being open every Friday 12-10pm as well as Saturday 12-10pm for late night gaming, we currently have D&D groups in but now we have a much larger store and 5 extra tables we have the space to offer more freedom for gaming. we have tables and terrain for most games to be played and if you need anything more specialised just drop us a message. You are able to book tables via our booking page and we will be updating this shortly to show all the extra tables. We currently have people who play, 40k, AoS, star wars x wing, Armada and legion, Blood bowl, D&D, Wrath and glory and much more so you may find a place to play that game you've been wanting to.

We look forward to seeing new faces in store and gaming in the coming weeks and months. we also look forward to seeing everyone on the 9th so lets make it a good day and try get all the tickets sold. -Dan


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