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Christmas Box Set's

Hello everyone, as most of you a re probably already aware its nearly that time of year again for the Christmas battle force box sets. we have 8 40k box sets and 7 age of sigmar battle forces. the 40k box sets have 2 faction specific space marine boxsets for the imperial fists and raven guard.

There are some really good box sets this year especially with the imperial knights box and sisters. All these boxsets offer great value for money however they will be in high demand and we need to know how many of each copy we can get. If you are after any of these boxsets please send drop us a message so we can try and secure correct stock levels for these box sets. The age of sigmar boxsets are really good this year offering great value for money as well as offering a great force to use in games. Some of these boxsets are absolutely fantastic with what they offer in terms of models. again if you are after any of the AoS boxsets then please let us know what you want so we can try and secure stock.

Also keep an eye out for these blogs for our black Friday deals and when they will be live we will be doing some bits this year!!


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