• Dan

Chaos Pre Orders

Hello everybody this Saturday finally sees the pre orders for the new Chaos codex!!! the wait is nearly over the 2 Wounds are nearly in reach. as well as a tonne of new rules for your favourite traitor factions.

if you would be wanting any of these pre orders please drop us a message so we can make sure we order enough stock for release on the 2nd July. we will be offering 20% off rrp and you can grab yourself an extra 5% off if you subscribe for £5 a month.

we also see some heresy releases added to this weeks pre orders with as some new characters and a box of marines to add to your traitor or loyalists forces.

we also still hold gaming days on a Friday 10-6 and Saturday 10-8pm in our store located in Doncaster. we play games like Warhammer 40k, kill team, age of sigmar, star wars legion and crisis protocol.