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Arks of Omen and Space Marines!

Hello everyone, happy new year. This weeks Sunday preview has gave us an amazing glimpse of what's on offer and pre order next Saturday.

The fantastic new space marine battleforce boxes, perfect for jumping into a specific faction or bolstering your forces. The iron hands box is especially good value boasting 2 redemptor dreadnoughts.

*if your wanting one of these box sets please let us know ASAP so we can try get stock secured by Tuesday next week. messages us through the site or email at

Arks of Omen book is also available next week which is the new barrier I've side and moving the story of the 40K univers forward focussing on abbaddon and the deals he's making with a new enemy of the galaxy.

We also see a new box of terrain in the Boarding actions box set which includes the fantastic terrain previously found in the kill team box sets so if you missed out on any killteams but want the terrain this box is for you!

The new 6 monthly chapter approved book is also up for pre order with new expanded rules, revised secondary mission and the new highly anticipated detachments.

It's looking to be a release filled year with exveryone still waiting for the guard releases and world eaters so make sure you keep an eye on warhammer community and our blogs to find out when these releases are happening to grab some discount war games.



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