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An Update on Composite Games Online and Bricks and Mortar

Hi Guys,

This week I've been slowly bringing you up to speed on how things are developing at the store.

As we have now finished the decorating stage of the shop and look towards getting the store ready for us to finally entertain our customers I wanted to share some of our goals and the services we are looking to offer.

Firstly as we previously mentioned we are planning on providing a series of hot and cold refreshments.

Currently we are looking at a selection of sandwiches, toasties, instant noodles and other snacks.

Secondly we will also be offering a selection of hot and cold drinks such as canned soft drinks, smoothies and milkshakes or hot drinks such as tea and coffee.

However we are interested in hearing from you on what type of foods you would be interesting in devouring in between your searches for blood for the blood god or cutting loose during your latest Waaagh.

Leave us a message below with what you would like to see.

In addition to building our menu we are also looking at implementing some much needed improvements to our customer services.

Over the coming weeks our team will be contacting the members of our site to get an understanding of your past experiences with us and to invite you to try us again and even consider subscribing to us.

On the back of this we will be looking to move to a increased turnaround for stocked items in the store and better visibility for the items that we have immediately available for dispatch.

The lead times for our orders have not been acceptable over the pandemic and with the team now running the processing and dispatching of orders I am confident that we will be able to exceed our customers expectations.

Finally I wanted to wrap things up with a concept that me and Dan were discussing.

Its not a secret that table top wargaming isn't a cheap hobby and sometimes picking the right gang/team/army/warband can be troubling.

Streamers and online content creators can help and while we will be providing our own video content, sometimes you just need to try the armies first.

Therefore we will be arranging for a selection of armies for customers to try in store before they buy as we feel this is the best way to help the customer make the right purchase.

However with Games Workshop continuously expanding their catalogue we would like to hear from you about what you would like to have available in store.

We will make a small detachment of the various armies available for use in store and well even go as far as giving you an extra discount off your first detachment if you decide to order it after you've tried it out.

Leave us a message below with which armies you would like to see available for use in store.

Thank you all for stopping and well catch you again later this week.

Kind regards



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