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A sneak peak of 2023

Hi guys, it’s Craig here.

I wanted to make a post to give a bit of an overview on what’s coming up over the coming year and to address the problems that we have had to overcome over the last couple of months.

Firstly, I wanted to address the delays that our customers have encountered with their recent orders.

It’s easy to sit here and direct all the blame at Royal Mail for its strikes or Games Workshop for its factory changes and lack of available stock.

However Composite Games has more integrity than this and while the majority of delays our customers have faced are due to the above two causes, there are some situations that we could have managed better.

Therefore, we have introduced steps to help ensure that we learn from our mistakes and better evolve the way we do things for our customers.

Over the last year, we have fought our way through the pandemic, fuel crisis and global inflation and consistently strived to give our customers the best customer experience possible, which was extremly difficult and taxing on our team.

But we didnt let that stop us.

Me, Dan and Charlotte have worked extremely hard to ensure that our customers have been kept up to date and solutions were always presented to customers should items be consistently out of stock with the supplier (I’m looking at you Games Workshop)

While there are still items that are outstanding we are pleased to announce that we should be receiving the majority of the outstanding items this week and team will be contacting customers with updates.

I would like to thank Dan and Charlotte for their continued support and professionalism throughout this difficult period.

Next I wanted to drop some quick beats about what’s coming over the next 12 months.

· The launch of our International Shipping partnership with Forward2me in January

· 24hr Gaming Charity Event in February to help raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

· In store Warhammer Underworlds Tournament

· Warhammer 40k tournament (details TBC)

· Weekender apocalypse battle – Staff vs Customers 10k+ battle

· Magic the Gathering Draft events

· Competitive D&D event

· Monthly Specialist Board Game Events

· Playtest events for our Bomb Game and Crazy8’s roleplaying systems

· And much much more

If your interested in learning more about these events then please let us know

Again thank you all for your continued support the store wouldn’t be the success it is without your continued support

Take care and I’ll see you in the next blog.


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Thanks for the honest update. Always nice to see retailers with some “tegridy”

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