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The 12th day of christmas!

On the twelfth of Christmas, Composite Games brought to me, the Black templar box set, Kill team Octarius, one Kill team Chalnath, one Dominion box set, eight Start Collecting sets, a Primaris Crusader squad, three Stormcast eternals Praetors, one Daemon prince, one squad of intercessors, a Roboute Guilliman, primaris chaplain and a new set of kill team dice! The black templar box set is only £90 which is 35% off! Today is the last day to get these discounts, so make sure to order anything you've got your eye on! We also still have our ultimate black templar bundle available, only one though so be quick if you're interested. The staff here at composite games would like to thank everyone for a great first six months of the shop being open, and also for everyone making online orders as well. You've been a great customer base and we're looking forward to seeing what the new year brings :) With all that being said, Merry Christmas! The Composite Games team


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