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Sunday Preview And Pre Orders.

Hello everyone, its that time of the week again and games workshop have shown next weeks pre orders and its looking like another fantastic week. They have finally put out the world eaters combat patrol which everyone had thought they had forgot about. This boxset is packed full of khorne goodness all ready for adding more skulls to the skull throne. its a fantastic value box with 20x khorne berserkers, 10x jackhals and a lord on juggernaut/lord invocatus.

Next up we have the next rendition of the Warhammer underworlds board game wyrdhollow. which pits 2 teams of warriors against each other. This time round its all about spellcasters pitting the storm cast eternals against the twisted amalgamations of tzeentch. This box set has plenty of detail on each miniature ready to face each other or add to your armies for age of sigmar.

Next up we have some amazing paint bundles for a Variety of paint types absolutely perfect for new people to the hobby or even veterans stocking up with a lot of paint for less! With sets for base, layer, shades and contrasts. These sets are sure to be winners and may sell fast.

Next weeks pre order are set to be extremely popular if you know your going to be wanting any of these pre orders from us and haven't already please send us an email to if you only want a combat patrol put the subject as WE combat patrol. If your wanting multiple items such as the paint sets as well please put in the subject WE pre orders. If we can get responses for pre orders by tomorrow lunch we can try and make sure we secure enough stock for everyone if possible (there may be stock caps on certain items so we cannot guarantee everyone will get a copy) but we will try our best. Apocalypse Bank Holiday Weekend!!

As a sort of last hurrah to 9th were holding a weekend apocalypse 40k style game to get as many people in the store on the bank holiday weekend 6th of may and 7th of may 1pm-9pm on the Saturday and if it carries to the Sunday 12-6pm. Imperium vs chaos and xenos depending on how many players turn up depends on the number of points each person brings, the more people turn up it will be around 2-3k points each, the less people the more points you can field!! For the imperium side so far we have blood angels and grey knights which could hold a decent 10k points! So who's up for the challenge and a fun weekend? If you fancy heading on by were in Doncaster only 10-15 mins walk from the train and bus station. For anyone local to us drop us a message so we can gauge numbers or hop into our discord which you can find a link on our websites home page. We look forward to hearing from you all. -Dan


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