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Sorry for being quiet but were back :)

Hi Guys,

Sorry for the lack of updates.

Unfortunately I contracted a virus that was suspected to be Corvid-19, though thankfully it wasn't.

Our proposal for the new shop has been accepted and we are currently waiting for our paperwork for the lease.

In regards to Indomitus we have finally received news that our 30 copies for the second wave have been manufactured and are due to be dispatched soon.

As an experiment we have also added a Forgeworld page.

While the items we sell will be slightly higher than the ones available directly from Forgeworld, we will be available to sell these items on a 6 week payment plan allowing you to spread the cost without having to delay your order.

We have only a single item listed at the moment and we would like to hear if you would like us to extend this further.

The credit itself is provided by Laybuy and is fully intergrated into the site.

We will more updates for you shortly.

But in the meantime stay safe and well speak again soon.




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