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Saturday pre-orders

Loads of heavy hitters are coming to support your Legiones Astartes next weekend, including some of the miniatures that were only available in the Age of darkness box set.

Two of the signature tanks for the legiones astartes are coming out in plastic for the first time, The sicaran battle tank and the spartan assault tank. Both come with an array of weapon and cosmetic options. There are also the two dreadnought's : The Contemptor dreadnought and the Leviathan siege dreadnought.

The Contemptor dreadnought is fully adaptable for whichever playstyle you prefer, allowing you to stay in the back and shoot or get up close and personal to defeat your enemies. The kit includes eight different guns and a pair of fists - which you'll also be able to pre-order separately for all of your customization needs. One sprue contains an extra autocannon, bolt cannon, lascannon, and melta cannon, along with a spare fist and an extra pair of arms.

The other frame includes an extra conversion beam cannon, plasma cannon, kheres assault cannon, and volkite dual-culverin, plus a spare fist, chainfist blades, and loads of cosmetic bits.

Next up is the long ranged Leviathan siege dreadnought, following in the footsteps of the popular close combat version which is already available.

The ranged dreadnought comes with three different arm mounted guns for you to choose from - and you can also buy the ranged weapons sprue separately, so you could double up on guns or build a close combat and ranged hybrid leviathan.

Cataphractii Terminator Squad & Tartaros Terminator Squad

Cataphractii Terminators are the elite infantry of the Legiones Astartes. Widely used by all Legions, they’re effective in melee and at range, and their heavy armour shrugs off all but the most massive enemy weaponry. While these hefty warriors were first deployed in the Horus Heresy, they can also be used as Relic Terminators in games of Warhammer 40,000. More advanced than Cataphractii plate, Tartaros armour offers superior protection to power armour while sacrificing none of its mobility. Like their Cataphractii cousins, the Tartaros Terminators now come in boxes of 10, with a host of melee and ranged weapon options – and can also be fielded by Space Marines armies in the 41st Millennium.

Legion Praetors

The two praetors from the age of darkness box set are now available separately, One’s brandishing a sword, the other wields an axe, and both include a helmeted and bare head option. The miniatures feature no Legion-specific markings, so you can easily field them in any force. Iron Warriors Upgrades

Age of Darkness Armigers

Offer your Questoris Households army some mobile support in the form of a pair of Armiger-class Knights, which you can build as either autocannon-wielding Helverins or melee-specialist Warglaives. You’ll also find a new sheet of Age of Darkness-era transfers – heraldry has changed quite a bit in the 10,000 years between the Horus Heresy and the Era Indomitus. Liber Mechanicum: Forces of the Omnissiah Army Book

This is the first of the non astartes army books for Warhammer: The Horus Heresy. Inside, you’ll find all the rules and profiles you need to field an army of mechanical monstrosities, from lowly cyborg thralls to mighty robots – as well as the towering engines of the Questoris Households and Titan Legions. If you’re collecting a Mechanicum army, or plan to start, you’ll need a copy of this essential tome.

There are also pre-orders for other games including blood bowl, middle earth strategy battle game and some black library releases. As usual all of these items will be up to 20% off through our website and if you subscribe you will get 5% off ontop of that!


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