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Piety and Pain Update

Hi Guys,

Yesterday we posted about the recent scalping of the Games Workshop "Piety and Pain" box set.

Today we spoke to the trade team at Games Workshop, who have confirmed that there are no more copies available.

So we are now waiting to hear from Ebay to see what we can do about the listings where they are selling the items well above the items rrp well before the items are due out.

We couldn't really help with the Playstation 5 scapers but we can try and help with this.

We'll let you know when we hear something.

Kind Regards



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lee payne
lee payne

Games workshop scalping has always been a big problem. Further more I contacted games workshop myself about the scalping of pitey and pain and both emails were ignored.

Craig Teal
Craig Teal

Hi Lee, I get the frustration, I’ve emailed Games Workshop trade and I’m still waiting for a response. We just need to keep making noise about it.

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