New Starter box set launch, Black Library, international orders and Giveaways

Hi Guys,

Now that the drama with the Indomitus has finally being sorted I wanted to focus a little bit on the new start box set launch.

We are due to get the new box sets into stock this week along with the terrain sets and new paint and tool sets.

The items have been added to the site and are available for order and can be found via the below link

To help launch the new range we are planning on a new giveaway so make sure you read till the end.


Our admin Will has been hard at work listing the Black library listings and we have now added the listings to the site.

You can access the Black Library page via the below link


We have also an increase in international traffic recently and we would like to announce that we will be running a two month trial to service order for both UK and some EU customers.

If you are a UK customer you won't experience any changes, however if you would like an order shipping to an EU county you will be able to order select from a selection of EU counties.

We will initially be offering delivery to eight EU counties ( France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Finland, Austria and Germany)

If you are wanting to order to an EU country and it is not currently on the list then please get in touch at and we will try and accommodate you where we can.

Initially we will be posting international deliveries at a fixed rate of £19.99.