Horus Heresy Boxset Pre Preorder Guide

Hi Guys,

It's nearly time for Games Workshop to launch one of this year's biggest releases, the new Horus Heresy: Age of Darkness box set.

As we are expecting this to be a phenomenal release, we have made arrangements for our customers to register their interest for the product before the pre order window opens on the 4th of June.

Games Workshop have confirmed that the price of the boxset will be under £200.00 and we will be applying our usual discounts.

In order to keep things fair we will be limiting customers to 2 copies each, however we may reduce or increase this availability depending on the amount of sets we can acquire and any unclaimed sets that we might end up with.

Any unclaimed sets will be put up for sale if they haven't been claimed by 10am on Tuesday the 21st of June.

If you would like to register your interest then please follow the link below where you can acquire a pre order token by following the link below.


The tokens are free and are solely to help our website effectively monitor each customer's interest.

Should you would like to request 2 copies of the boxset, you can do this by increasing the quantity of the tokens to 2.

Any orders for 3 or more tokens will be adjusted to 2 and any duplicate orders will be rejected.

Once we have the stock allocated customers will be contacted after 10am on the 18th of June with a link to your preorder.