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Deathwing Assault and Instore Activities

As we all saw on Christmas day we were shown the amazing new Deathwing assault box with fantastic models upgrades and the limited edition supplement. An amazing new belial model is also included in the new boxset. We are taking preliminary interest lists to try and make sure we ask for copies we need as soon as we are able so please use link below to register your interest. (we are not taking orders at this time). the sooner we can get interest registered the better.

Please register your interest here

Instore events and gaming.

With our recent move we have found our selves with much more space and more tables for gaming. we are hoping to get people in Doncaster and south Yorkshire to come in to our friendly gaming store and well, get gaming. We have a community who play most table top games from 40k to bolt action and more in-between. we have late night gaming on Fridays and Saturdays until10pm with D&D sessions 5-10pm and Wrath and Glory which is the 40k version of D&D but D6 based. its been extremely well received by our customers and it is restarting up on 13th of January at 5pm if you want to come along and try it out head on instore. we also have new D&D sessions starting up on the 13th of January also so its a great time to come and learn some new games and get involved with us. On Thursday the 18th of January we have also got a large blood bowl league starting up on an evening and are looking for more players to. a painting academy day will also be held shortly where for £5 per person you get 2 models to learn how to paint using contrast and normal paints as well as learning techniques to make amazing looking models for table top standard to more. we are also looking at running a 40k apocalypse style game on a Saturday towards the end of January beginning of February. just bring all your models and have a big fight with the opposing team.

you can join our discord through the button below and get involved with the conversations and discussions with a channel for most things.



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