Competition Winner

Hi Guys,

This announcement is coming a bit later than we intended so we apologise for the delay.

Last week we opened up a competition for our customers to help design a colour scheme for our store space marine chapter that will feature front and centre on our intro table.

We've had a lot of fun judging these and even our team had a fun creating some examples to get our customers creativity flowing.

However after some deliberating we are pleased to announce that the winner of our competition is Marcus Smith.

Marcus submitted his entry as the Composite Hunters and impressed us with his use of our Corporate Logo in his design.

Congratulations Marcus we will be in touch to sort out your prize.

However we did feel that a couple of our other entries also needed some recognition and we would like to provide a £10.00 evoucher for our website to Chaosbrain1999 for there entry of the Dichromatic Lotus Eaters.

And finally we wanted to acknowledge an entry from whom we expect is our youngest entry to date.

The Phoebian Guard was submitted by Phoebie Doddy who put together a stylish colour scheme that would challenge even the best painters to emulate.

We wanted to acknowledge Phoebie's entry as at 3 years old she will be our youngest entrant yet.