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Classified Listings, 3rd party scenery and pre orders.

Hi Guys,

I hope your weeks going well.

Work is continuing on the site and I wanted to share a couple of these changes with you.

Firstly as we are looking to build a consistent community of gamers, comic book fans and film buffs we wanted to run a classified adds page for people to sell their unwanted miniatures and games.

After some tinkering we have spoken to Games Workshop and they have agreed that we are ok to go with the page.

The process is pretty simple, if you want to list an item for sale you can pay a £1.00 admin fee and we will display it on the site. The transaction will be handled between the seller and buyer and we will simply be hosting the add.

This will work as a great way for people to to raise money for new projects or to just get some much needed cash in these difficult times.

The only restrictions at this stage is that no new sealed items may be sold, However for example someone wanting to sell a new on sprue Ragnar would be fine.

We are getting a steady stream of traffic to the site and we won't be charging any commission on your sales so have a think about this if your sitting on an old collection.

Secondly we are in talks with a few suppliers to sell their scenery and other items, if you have a favourite manufacturer then please let us know and well see if we can bring it into stock for you.

And finally we have added a pre orders section to the site, this is in preparation for the new Adeptus Mechanicus models that go available this week.

Going forward we will be updating this section every week as new items become available.

This are really going to heat up over the coming weeks and with the announcement of 5th edition things are going to get wild before the years is over.

If you have something that you would like to see added to the site then please let me know.

Keep safe



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