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Judge Dredd: The Wally Squad

Judge Dredd: The Wally Squad

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“Me? I’m nobody. A ghost. A hole in the crowd… a big, fat zero.”

There are some criminal investigations that require intelligence gathering, where the presence of a uniformed Judge brandishing a Lawgiver is not appropriate. For these activities the Justice Department has formed an undercover division known informally in the Department as the ‘Wally Squad’. These Judges adopt civilian garb and move amongst the street life of Mega‐City One always on the lookout for leads on criminal activity. If required, they will infiltrate gangs and criminal organisations on highly dangerous undercover missions. Activities like these are abhorrent to most Street Judges who tend to view their Wally Squad colleagues as necessary ‘oddballs’.

Whilst some undercover operations can be concluded in a short time, dedicated squad members have been known to spend years on a case, all the time maintaining a false identity. There is a danger in such deep cover that some Wally Squad members, such as the infamous Lenny Zero, have had their outlook and life values completely changed. Their beliefs have been sequestered by the roles they are playing, and many have ‘gone rogue’ working out of sight, but not out of mind, of the Justice Department. A Judge gone rogue can become the most dangerous of criminals.

Here we present three of the most infamous members of the Wally Squad.

Dirty Frank: Originally a respected Street Judge, Frank now appears to be a deeply unhygienic lunatic living in ‘Low Life’, the Mega-City One’s most crime-ridden area.

Jack Point: A deep cover Wally Squad Judge, Jack is a follower of the Church of Simpology. Despite this, Jack is an effective and dangerous operative.

Aimee Nixon: An ‘A’ grade cadet, Nixon joined the Wally Squad and was mentored by Dirty Frank.

Box Contains:

  • 3 Famous Wally Squad Judges:
    • Jack Point
    • Dirty Frank
    • Aimee Nixon
  • 1 Unit Card
  • 3 Character Cards
  • 2 Big Meg Cards: Face Change & Wally Squad
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