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Iden Versio and ID10 Commander Expansion: Star Wars Legion

Iden Versio and ID10 Commander Expansion: Star Wars Legion

£19.99 Regular Price
£16.99Sale Price

Publisher's Description

"Whether they're battling enemy fighters from the cockpits of their TIE Fighters or on the ground below, Inferno Squad is one of the Empire's most fearsome special forces units and now you can add the leader of this crack team to your Imperial armies. Possessing a keen tactical mind and a deadlier aim, Iden Versio can be an invaluable asset on any mission.

Within this expansion, you'll find finely detailed, unpainted hard plastic miniatures of both Iden Versio and her ID10 seeker droid. Iden Versio herself can be assembled with our without her Inferno Squad helmet and respirator and can also be assembled with three distinct weapon options, letting you build the miniature that fits the look of your army. In addition to these miniatures, this expansion also contains four new command cards—three for Iden Versio and one for her ID10 seeker droid—that invite you to experiment with new tactics. Finally, nine upgrade cards give you the power to further customize these units with new weapons, gear, and more."

This is not a complete game experience. A copy of the Star Wars: Legion Core Set is required to play.


Included Components


  • 1 Iden Versio mini
    • options for head or helmet or helmet + respirator, and 3 different weapons
  • 1 Iden's ID10 seeker droid mini

Unpainted and Unassembled


Unit Cards

  • Iden Versio
  • Iden's ID10 Seeker Droid



  • Armament
    • Iden's DLT-20A Rifle
    • Iden's TL-50 Repeater
  • Comms
    • Comms Jammer
    • Comms Relay
  • Gear
    • Recon Intel
    • Grappling Hooks
  • Training
    • Overwatch
    • Hunter
    • Offensive Push


Command Cards

  • Pulse Scan (1 pip)
  • Concussive Blast (2 pip)
  • Incapacitate (2 pip)
  • Tactical Strike (3 pip)



  • Commander Order Token
  • Operative Order Token
  • Dodge Token
  • Aim Token
  • Suppression Token
  • Wound Token (x2)
  • 3 Wound Token
  • Shield Token
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