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Citadel skulls

Citadel skulls

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You may have noticed a common theme amongst models and scenery pieces from the Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar ranges – skulls. They’re everywhere, decorating the walls of Khornate keeps and hanging from the belts of fearsome warriors. But we don’t think there are enough skulls out there…Enter the Citadel Skulls. This is a box of 340 (yes, three hundred and forty!) plastic skulls, designed for the hobbyist to decorate scenery, bases and models as they see fit. There are even 20 extra jawbones!Here’s a breakdown of the number and type of the 340 (!) skulls in the box:- 82 human skulls with jawbones;- 86 human skulls without jawbones;- 15 human jawbones;- 60 assorted damaged human skulls;- 2 giants’ skulls;- 1 Morghast skull (in 2 components);- 1 beast skull (in 2 components);- 4 small horned skulls;- 4 medium horned skulls;- 3 large horned skulls;- 7 bird skulls;- 2 Chaos beast skulls;- 6 plaguebearer skulls;- 6 Bloodletter skulls;- 10 T'au skulls;- 5 Kroot skulls;- 6 alien skulls;- 21 Genestealer Hybrid skulls;- 20 Ork skulls without jaws;- 5 Ork jawbones;- 7 Ork skulls with jaws open;- 7 Ork skulls with jaws.- as well as 15 human jawbones;- 5 Ork jawbones.Skulls!
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