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Big pre-orders this weekend!

The lion and retinue box set is up for pre-order tomorrow morning along with Dante, vashtorr and some other awesome new items! We have very limited stock of all of these items so if you are interested jump on them whilst you can as once they're gone we cannot guarantee a restock! Lion and retinue

The Lion has risen from his 10,000-year slumber, and he’s wasting no time putting traitors to the sword. The Primarch of the Dark Angels is a monstrously powerful duelist and indomitable battlefield leader, armed with the Emperor’s own shield and a massive power sword named Fealty. Your first chance to get him is in this celebratory launch set. Alongside Lion El’Jonson you’ll get three elite Bladeguard Veterans – the perfect retinue for such a close combat powerhouse – a packed Dark Angels transfer sheet, and two beautiful prints depicting key art from Arks of Omen: The Lion. Arks of omen : The lion The Arks of Omen saga finally comes to a close in Arks of Omen: The Lion, as Vashtorr the Arkifane assembles his Key-fragments and begins a ritual of cataclysmic proportions. This item specifically we only have two available so if you're wanting one make sure to snag one as we will not be restocking them!

Supreme Grand Master Azrael

Fresh from his battle with Vashtorr, Supreme Grand Master Azrael gets a standalone release just in time to lead the charge into the Arkifane’s lair. He’s an imposing miniature merging new Primaris style with plenty of classic details, from his back banner to the ornate Lion Helm. We only have one of these available!

Vashtorr the Arkifane

He’s had a few setbacks, but the time for Vashtorr to enact his grand plan is nigh. There are still a few things left to do on the battlefield though, so the Arkifane takes to the field for his own standalone release, ready to lead his cult in person. We only have one of this character as well so dont miss out!

Commander Dante

Azrael isn’t the only Chapter Master given the Primaris treatment – Commander Dante has barely tied a bow on the apocalyptic invasion of Baal and he’s already off finding more enemies of the Imperium to destroy. Someone really needs to give the guy a holiday.

Boarding Patrol: Leagues of Votann and Boarding Patrol: Agents of the Imperium Two boarding patrols out this weekend - we only have two of the votann and three of the agents of imperium available and once they're gone they're gone!

Get these items and more at 10am BST tomorrow morning (15/04/23) so if you are interested then please don't hesitate as we have limited stock of all of these items! Don't forget we still have a selection of Boarding patrol's left including ; Adeptus mechanicus, Chaos daemons, Genestealer cults and tyranids! As well as a Strike force agastus and a salamanders strike force remaining! these items are no longer available via GW so these are the last ones available!


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