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Our affiliates help promote our projects and offers and in turn offer their viewers special discounts and access to promotions.

Please pop over and have a look and if you so feel fit share your support.


Mashashy is a variety streamer, artist and author.


This talented lady started her mini-figure adventure with Composite Games and now joins the Composite Games team as an affiliate and author of one of the stories featured in the coming Chronicles of Ollundre anthology "Tales of Ollundra".


An avid cosplayer and gamer with a degree in computer animation, Mashashy writes articles for Treat Your Geek ( where her critical reviews and articles developed the professional writing and editing skills present in her fiction.


Her anime and RPG roots gave rise to compelling characters, legendary battles and plots twisted into unexpected and gripping adventures.


Twitch Schedule: 7-9pm Tuesday – Gaming Thursday – Gaming Sat – Hobby Streams Sun – Speed Run Donkey Kong Country (Switch)


If you stop by and say hi and she will give you a special discount code for our webstore.

Steel arts software and game design

Steel Arts Software is an independent video game developer based in the Sheffield region of South Yorkshire.


Since establishing the studio in 2016, Steel Arts Software has worked hard to develop a series of immersive single player experiences.

Their first release was Welcome to Hanwell, a first person survival horror in which the player traverses the strange and foreboding town of Hanwell.

This was followed by their most second release, Grey Skies: A War of the Worlds Story

This game sees you in control of Harper as she struggles through a landscape ravaged the tripods of an invading alien race.

In addition to their releases on steam both of these releases are available on PS4, Xbox and Switch with the Switch release for Grey Skies being scheduled for  the 4th of February

We will be streaming live playthroughs of Steel Arts games on our Twitch channel

eldritch foundry 3d printing and stl files

The Eldritch Foundry allows gamers to take their character from the imaginary and make them a reality.


Eldritch Foundry work hard to provide miniatures of the highest quality, both in the form of the models used to build your alter-ego, and in the quality of our 3D print itself. They make high quality, flash-less, seamless prints, using the latest in 3D printing technology.

Further, since table-top gaming is a community experience, They are working to provide their service through your friendly local gaming store, as well as online

As an affiliate of Eldritch we will be looking to offer a series of additional services when the Composite Games store opens later this year. 

You can access our affiliated store by the below link