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On the Eastern Fringe of the galaxy, far from the centralised control of Terra, a new empire is growing.


Ambitious and united in purpose, the xenos race known as the T’au seeks to spread its ‘enlightenment’ across the stars.


Although barely registering as a blip against the size of the unthinkably sprawling Imperium of Man, the rapid rise and expansion of the T’au has been startling.


Although the T’au lead their colonisation efforts with a range of parable-speaking diplomats who offer alien populations peaceful opportunities to join the rising empire, the T’au army is always close behind, ready to be called in should dialogue prove fruitless.

No matter the opposition, the T’au are sure their technology can overcome the challenge. The pinnacle of T’au weapon technologies are the various types of battlesuits.


Piloted as much as worn, battlesuits form the elite units in a T’au army and perform a range of roles – offensive and defensive.


They are equipped with versatile weapon systems, often using advanced scientific breakthroughs such as stealth field generators, guided missiles, or artificially intelligent and independently acting drones.


For the T’au, new designs and prototype weapons are constantly in the works, promising an even brighter future.