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Space Wolves

With blood-chilling howls the warriors of the Space Wolves hurl themselves into battle, hacking and tearing with a primal, predatory ferocity.


The Space Wolves are a fiercely independent Chapter of Space Marines that has served the Imperium with distinction since the First Founding. Courageous to the extreme, each Space Wolf strives to perform great deeds on the battlefield worthy of song.

Made feral in thought and appearance by the genetic heritage of their legendary Primarch, Leman Russ, the Space Wolves revel in their unorthodox nature.


They have little patience for fawning religious rites or strict adherence to any code, preferring to follow the warrior traditions from their savage homeworld of Fenris.


Despite their long and excellent service, the only known successor Chapter of the Space Wolves was the ill-fated Wolf Brothers.