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Space Marines


Space Marines are organised into Chapters, each consisting of one thousand battle-brothers and possessed of their own armouries, fighting vehicles, space fleets and towering fortress monasteries. Though there is less than one warrior of the Adeptus Astartes for every planet in the Imperium, it is a testament to their sheer might and heroism that this number is still sufficient to hurl back the enemies of Humanity upon every front.

Space Marines are genetically engineered super-human warriors. Armed and armoured with the best equipment the Imperium can provide, they are the Emperor’s most elite fighting forces. To the Space Marines fall the most desperate and vital of the Imperium’s battles, holding the line where all others have fallen, or striking like the Emperor’s own blade to bring death to xenos warlords and daemonic abominations alike.



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The Ultramarines are the noble sons of Roboute Guilliman and exemplars of everything it means to be a Space Marine.


Dark Angels

The Dark Angels were the first Legion created by the Emperor. Theirs is a mysterious and proud Chapter, their every action steeped in secretive traditions and rituals. 

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Grey Knights

Amongst the elite brotherhood of Space Marines, there exists a Chapter destined to stand apart from their battle-brothers, the Grey Knights

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Blood Angels

Created during the First Founding, the Blood Angels are one of the oldest and proudest of all Space Marine Chapters.  

Space Wolves

With blood-chilling howls the warriors of the Space Wolves hurl themselves into battle, hacking and tearing with a primal, predatory ferocity.


Though few realise it, the weight of Mankind’s hopes against the alien apocalypse are borne upon the broad shoulders of the Deathwatch.