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Star Wars Legion: X-34 Landspeeder Unit Expansion

Star Wars Legion: X-34 Landspeeder Unit Expansion

£59.99 Regular Price
£50.99Sale Price

Publisher's Description

“You’re all Rebels, aren’t you?”
Jyn Erso, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Unable to match the Empire’s production of military equipment, the Rebel Alliance makes do with whatever they have on hand—which often means converting civilian vehicles into weapons of war. In addition to being outfitted with stolen weaponry to support Rebel soldiers in combat, the nondescript appearance of these vehicles is often useful in avoiding capture. Soon, you’ll be able to adapt one of the Star Wars saga's most iconic speeders to fit your needs on the battlefields of the Galactic Civil War.

FFG anouncement ...

This is not a complete game experience. A copy of the Star Wars: Legion Core Set is required to play.

Included Components


  • 1 X-34 Landspeeder Miniature
  • 1 Pilot
  • 1 Twilek Gunner
  • 1 Rodian Gunner

Unpainted and unassembled


Unit Cards

  • X-34 Landspeeder



  • Comms
    • HQ Uplink
  • Hardpoint
    • Mark II Medium Blaster
    • M-45 Ion Blaster
  • Crew
    • A-300 Rifle Gunner
    • RPS-6 Rocket Gunner
  • Pilot
    • • Ryder Azadi
    • Outer Rim Speeder Jockey (x2)


  • Heavy Order Token
  • Dodge Token
  • Aim Token
  • Damaged Token
  • Disabled Token
  • Weapon Destroyed Token
  • Wound Tokens (x3)
  • 3 Wound Token
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