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Star Wars Legion: Darth Vader Operative Expansion

Star Wars Legion: Darth Vader Operative Expansion

£19.99 Regular Price
£16.99Sale Price

Publisher's Description

Feared by friend and foe alike, Darth Vader is the living embodiment of the Empire’s might. Before he could become one of the most fearsome field commanders in the galaxy, however, he honed his skills hunting Jedi to the far corners of the galaxy. Now he is ready to carry out the Emperor’s bidding by decimating the Rebel Alliance wherever it can be found.

In the Darth Vader Operative Expansion, you’ll find an unpainted, easily assembled Darth Vader miniature in a different pose from the one found in the Star Wars: Legion Core Set. This miniature is accompanied by three new Darth Vader command cards that can be used by both the operative and commander versions of the unit, letting you tailor your strategy to fit your needs. Rounding out this expansion are four upgrade cards that invite you to augment Darth Vader with even more Force powers or training.

This is not a complete game experience. A copy of the Star Wars: Legion Core Set is required to play.


Included Components


  • 1 Operative Darth Vader mini

unpainted and unassembled 


Unit Cards

Darth Vader (Operative)



  • Force
    • Fear
    • Force Guidance
  • Training
    • Endurance
    • Tenacity


Command Cards

  • Vader's Might (1 pip)
  • Fear and Dead Men (2 pip)
  • Darkness Descends (3 pip)



  • Operative Order Token
  • Dodge Token
  • Suppression Token (x2)
  • 3 Suppression Token
  • Wound Tokens (x2)
  • 3 Wound Token
  • Surge Token (x4)
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