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Lord of Afflictions

Lord of Afflictions

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Astride a massive Rot Fly, the Lord of Afflictions spearheads the Rotbringer charge. The wings of his revolting steed streak the sky with foulness as he leads attack waves of fly-mounted mortals and daemons directly into the heart of the enemy forces. Contagion spreads outward from those wounded by the Lord of Afflictions with frightening speed. As the Rotbringer lord buzzes skyward in search of fresh victims, he leaves in his passing a blossoming epidemic of his god’s deadliest plagues, a sight which warms his blackened heart as he soars above the press of combat.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble a Lord of Afflictions. He is mounted on an enormous Rot Fly, a revolting insect with 4 brittle wings that drips and drizzles foul fluids onto the battlefield as it drone through the skies. This fly is bloated and spindly at the same time, with numerous beady eyes and horrible fangs. He wields an enormous festerspike – a diseased trident – and the Rot Fly drags below a sinister dolorous tocsin, a wrecking bell that crushes anything it does not smash aside. The Lord of Afflictions’ grotesquely swollen body is almost entirely encased in thick armour, with a gauntleted hand pointing at the next unfortunate victim.

The kit also contains the components to assemble an accompanying Pusgoyle Blightlord – you have the option of modelling them with either a cloth banner, a metal icon of Nurgle or (and this is really something) an impaled, rotting cadaver with an expression of sheer agony. They wield massive blighted weapons, and come with choices of covered or bare heads, equally grisly in detail. 3 Nurglings accompany them – 1 with a censer, 1 riding a tiny drone and 1 chewing gleefully on his own intestines…

The kit comes as 76 components, and is supplied with 2 Citadel 60mm Round bases.

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