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With the Pact Draconis sworn between Sigmar and the drake-lords Krondys and Karazai, the Draconith set forth to fight back against a resurgent Kragnos and reclaim their ancestral lands. Some choose to bear heroic Stormcast Eternals into battle, evaluating chosen Stormcasts for weeks on end before forming a symbiotic pact between dragon and rider. The most capable and warlike of these become Knights-Draconis, selected by their Draconith partners for their martial might to become leaders for their fellow Stormdrake Guard.

Smash through enemy lines with the might of Sigmar's Draconith allies, bearing elite warriors of the Extremis chamber. These fast and deadly Monster units are just as capable of roasting their foes with wyrmflame as they are skewering them on the end of a blazing aeonfire blade, and their ancient draconith heritage also lends them an innate resistance to magic. The Knights-Draconis are especially valuable when leading Stormdrake Guard from the front, spurring them to even greater acts of heroism.

This multipart plastic kit consists of 105 pieces and builds one Knight-Draconis and one Stormdrake Guard in several different poses. It also provides options to construct both as Stormdrake Guard, equipped with either drakerider's lances or warblades. This kit comes supplied with two 105mm Citadel Oval bases and two flying stands, and these miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel paints.

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