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Crypt ghast courtier

Crypt ghast courtier

£26.00 Regular Price
£22.10Sale Price

Hissing captains of the mordants, Crypt Ghast Courtiers move among the pale ranks

of the king’s army to direct the cannibal formations. They drive more Ghouls into the

fray, while seeking out gruesome trophies to bestow upon their ‘men’.

Crypt Ghast Courtiers are a small but essential part of any Flesh-eater Courts army. Fighting alongside your Crypt Ghouls, they pack a nasty punch in melee - but where they shine is in support. These guys can restore more models to your Crypt Ghoul units, as well as granting them extra attacks - turning them into an ever-regenerating wall of death!

This kit builds one Crypt Ghast Courtier. You can also use this set to build a unit of Crypt Ghouls, packed with optional extras for customising each - snarling heads, clawing talons, shattered bones and more.

This plastic kit builds 20 models, and is supplied with 20x25mm round bases.

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