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The belligerent and warlike Orks have been a blight on the galaxy since time immemorial. The entire culture of these brutish xenos is centred around warfare.


They live for the exhilaration of a good fight, the deafening thunder of gunfire, and the rush of hurtling into battle in speeding, ramshackle fighting vehicles. When gathered into their billions-strong hordes they can spell the doom of entire space sectors.


Ork technology is scrapped together from whatever raw materials are found near to hand, and as a result it is ramshackle, crude and often dangerously unreliable.


Despite, or perhaps because of this unpredictability, it can also be utterly deadly – to the wielder as well as his target.

When Orks gather in sufficient numbers, flocking to the banners of the hulking brutes known as Warbosses, they will embark upon a Waaagh! – an unstoppable crusade driven by unquenchable battle-lust.


Vast hordes of Orks sweep across planet after planet, crushing all before them in a deafening, smoke-belching tide of clanking war machines.


All semblance or order and civilisation is torn down, shattered and burned, and amidst the ashes the Orks gather around their towering war effigies, bellowing praises to the monstrous gods they call Gork and Mork.