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The Necrons are a race of sentient androids who long ago traded away their souls for the gift of immortality.


For millennia beyond counting they have slumbered within their tomb worlds, sprawling crypt-fortresses that house billions-strong armies and ranks of deadly war machines.


With every passing year more Necrons arise from this long stasis, and as they awaken so they begin the process of reforging their dynastic empires, which once ruled the galaxy with an iron fist.

To earn their immortality, the Necrontyr sacrificed their very flesh, replacing it with living metal. This renders even the lowliest Necron warrior incredibly resilient and difficult to kill.


Yet such strength comes at a terrible cost. The majority of the Necron race are little more than near-mindless thralls, enslaved to the will of cruel Overlords – driven insane by millennia of dreaming stasis – who are still determined to see the Necron Empire rise once more.