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Composite Games Loyalty Scheme


As we strive to move forward and grow the retail side of Composite Games we wanted to develop our Games Workshop customer community by introducing a rewards scheme.


Therefore we have decided to approach this in a unique way. By enrolling in our loyalty scheme our customers will be issued with a unique awards coupon.


This coupon automatically register your order for the unique rewards or discounts on your subscription.


Every time your coupon is used on an order over the value of £30.00 (excl postage) we will reward you with a £1.00 credit on to your loyalty account. You will also be awarded an additional £1.00 credit for every additonal £30.00 you place on your order (excl postage)


For example


David has ordered a copy of Necromunda: Underhive. As the item has a value of £60.00 he will receive a credit of £2.00 to his balance.


This credit can be used to redeem purchases from the Composite Games website, the Games Workshop website and the Forgeworld website.


This means that our loyal customer can potentially earn free online exclusives and special edition books or figures from the Black Library and Forgeworld in exchange for repeat purchases.


For example:


James has placed five orders over the space of the last month which has given him a loyalty balance of £5.00. James would like to purchase the Online Exclusive Dark Angels character Cypher from the Games Workshop website. Normally this would cost him £20, however as he is redeeming his credit the cost of the purchase would be £15.00.


If he had a total balance of £20.00 we would ship the item to him for free.


We would also like to make you aware that you do not need to make the purchase yourself so friends and family can use your code, however the credit will only be applied to the matching account and only once per order.


You can join the loyalty scheme by completing the below form. 





















As this is a pilot scheme we will be sending an update of your credit balance after each purchase or upon your request.


Enrolment in the loyalty scheme is currently free and should you have any questions then please let us know.

Loyalty Scheme Request Form

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