Kill team Box Sets


There are currently three box sets available for Kill Team.

  • The Kill Team starter set includes a copy of the core rules, scenery and two starter kill teams and is a great first purchase for anyone new to the hobby.

  • The Rogue Trader box set is a boxed expansion for Kill team and includes two new kill teams, terrain and rules to add to your kill team campaigns.

  • The Arena box set is for players who are interested in running more competative Kill team campaigns and includes several new sets of tiles and rules. 

Kill Team Rules and Rules Expansions

In Addition to the core rules for Kill Team there are rules to add more powerful units and commanders to your campaigns


Starter Collecting! Box Sets


The Start Collecting! boxsets are a great and cost effective way to start or bolster an existing kill team.

Each start collecting box includes at least one of each of the below

  • A HQ choice or Character

  • A unit or troops choice.

  • An elite unit or support vehicle