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Imperial Knights

An Imperial Knight is a towering behemoth, a vast bipedal fighting machine clad in a demi-god’s raiment of war. With arms and armour fit to face an entire army of lesser foes, each Knight suit is further protected by a crackling ion shield.


Directed by the Knights’ noble pilots, these relics of Imperial techno-science can stave off almost any attack amid coruscating showers of vivid sparks.


Knight suits proudly display the panoply of the noble house to which they belong, and an entire army of these vast, glorious war engines on the march is enough to drive many foes from the field in terror.

Forged in the factory-temples of the Adeptus Mechanicus and piloted by noble warriors hailing from proud bloodlines, the Imperial Knights are towering bipedal war machines that bristle with devastating weaponry.


A single one of these monstrous walkers can turn the tide of battle, while an entire Household of Knights has the martial might and unendurable firepower to conquer entire worlds.