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One of the strangest of all the splinter groups of the Aeldari are the Harlequins. These lightning-fast warrior acrobats make no distinction between war and theatrical art.

Mysterious worshippers of the Laughing God, Cegorach, these acrobatic warrior-performers employ breath-taking speed and skill when acting out ritual tales for their kin, and these talents find even more use when the Harlequins fall upon their foes on the battlefield.

Swift beyond belief and impossibly agile, Harlequins flow through battle like silk streamers in a hurricane. As they close with the foe, the Players are in constant motion, a riot of prismatic colour that dazzles the senses.


The oncoming Harlequins sprint, leap and weave, the blades and blasts of their terrified enemy whistling around them to little effect.


Harlequins in battle prefer to rely upon speed and skill over brute strength and resilience. Their holo-suits shatter the wearer’s outline into a fractal, polychromatic blur, causing each Harlequin to appear as an insubstantial storm of psychedelic colour into which the panicked foe pour their fire to no avail. At the moment of lethal impact, however, the Harlequins prove all too real.