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Citadel Colour Paints

Citadel colour is Games Workshops in house collection of paints and is perfectly optimised for use on their miniatures.

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Base Paints

Base paints have high pigment density for a great foundation.


Layer Paints

Layer paints have a lighter pigment count than base paints, meaning they can be applied in multiple layers to help bring out extra detail on your miniatures. They’re particularly great for edge highlighting.



Air Paints

Air paints are specially formulated to work with your airbrush and to help provide a smooth matt finish.



Contrast Paints

Contrast paints are specially designed to allow painters to base, shade and highlight models with a single application. 


Dry Paints

Dry brush paints are specially formulated for drybrushing.


Shade Paints

Shade paints are formulated to draw out details with natural looking depth and shadow.


Technical Paints

Technical Paints are specially designed to add textures or effects to your miniatures


Brushes and Tools

In addition to our paints we also stock a range of tools and brushes to help you get the most out of paints.