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Composite Games Customer Sales 

This page is a place for customer and member of Composite Games to sell their old or unused models.

Each listing costs £1.00 and all sales are commission free. 

Sellers can submit their items via the email address.

Listings fees will be taken via paypal.

Listings will need a clear picture of the item, price and contact details for the seller.

Once in place items will remain until we are notified of a sale.

Composite Games accepts no liability for any disputes involving private sales and encourages people to make all transactions with Payal.

Comp Sale 000-001
Price £5.00. Plastic Terminators, 32mm bases, power sword and assault cannon. Contact Craig on
Comp Sale 000-002
Price £5.00. 5 plastic blood angles assault marines. Magnetised arms. Contact Craig on
Comp Sale 000-003
Price £5.00. 9 man tactical squad. Includes meltagun and rocket launcher. Arms are magnetised.Contact craig on
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