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Chaos Deamons


There are no foes more terrible. From out of the warp they come, bringing ruin and unimaginable horror. 


They are the armies of the Dark Gods, the Daemon legions, and they will only cease their relentless assault upon the mortal worlds when reality itself has been torn apart.

Each Daemon of Chaos is formed from a fragment of a Dark God’s essence, and thus they embody the traits and passions of their masters; Khorne’s Daemons are rage-filled slaughterers, who care for nothing beyond their next kill.


Nurgle’s children are implacable, and often possess a morbid sense of humour.


Daemons of Slaanesh embody the Dark Prince’s aesthetic beauty and boundless sadism, while Tzeentch’s creations are ever-changing and maddening to behold.