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Astra Militarum


The Imperial Guard is Mankind’s primary and most numerous defence. With soldiers, battle tanks and artillery beyond number, they are the sledgehammer force that, though slow to deploy, delivers a devastating payload when its cumbersome blows land.


Soldiers of the Imperial Guard are men, not gene-enhanced superhumans. They fight not with the most finely crafted armaments in the galaxy, but with the weapons and armour that can be cheaply and easily mass-produced.

They are the largest coherent fighting force in the galaxy, able to move massed regiments and armoured vehicles across the segmentums to join any fray.


As many foes of the Imperium have learned, the courage and sacrifice shown by the numberless ranks of the Imperial Guard combined with the sheer hell-storm of firepower they unleash, can sweep any battleground of foes, leaving only smoking craters and wet stains.