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Armies of the Imperium

Over ten thousand years of constant warfare has honed Mankind’s military might, for the galaxy is a hostile place and only by force of arms is the Imperium held together. It is an age of war and only the strong and the ruthless can hope to survive. Out amongst the stars there can be no mercy, no weakness and no respite from the unending war for survival


Space Marines

Space Marines are organised into Chapters, each consisting of one thousand battle-brothers and possessed of their own armouries, fighting vehicles, space fleets and towering fortress monasteries.


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Astra Militarum


The Imperial Guard is Mankind’s primary and most numerous defence. With soldiers, battle tanks and artillery beyond number, they are the sledgehammer force that, though slow to deploy, delivers a devastating payload when its cumbersome blows land. 


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Imperial Knight


An Imperial Knight is a towering behemoth, a vast bipedal fighting machine clad in a demi-god’s raiment of war. With arms and armour fit to face an entire army of lesser foes, each Knight suit is further protected by a crackling ion shield.


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Adeptus Mechanicus


The Adeptus Mechanicus is an ancient organisation of Tech-Priests who venerate the Emperor in the form of the Omnissiah, the Machine God. They are a strange, dispassionate breed, obsessed with the acquisition of lost knowledge.


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Adeptus Custodes


The Custodian Guard are the Emperor’s personal bodyguards, created using the same arcane methods that begat the Adeptus Astartes. Stronger than Space Marines and instilled with unshakable loyalty to the Emperor, the Adeptus Custodes now guard the Imperial Palace, having effectively become a defensive army.


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Adepta Soroitas


The troops of this devout Sisterhood are raised from infancy to adore the Emperor of Mankind and to believe in the utter righteousness of their cause. Their fanatical devotion and unwavering purity is a bulwark against corruption, heresy and alien attack, and once battle has been joined, the Sisters of Battle will stop at nothing until their enemies are utterly crushed.